Art Programs

Art Programs for Publishers

Well-managed art programs result in high-quality products that enhance a reader’s experience. Creating good art isn’t enough; tracking the art and checking it thoroughly are integral parts of each production stage. That’s why PPS tracks each piece of art as it advances through production. PPS offers illustration programs for publishers and authors that are unmatched in the industry.

Authors often struggle with selecting the right graphics for their text; or they may have a ‘wish list’ of graphics but lack the resources to find suitable art for their project. PPS applies years of expertise to managing art programs, ensuring that the art meets publishing requirements for the best possible reproduction. PPS coordinates all images maintaining consistency in style, quality, and appropriateness throughout the publication. Beautiful and content-appropriate photos enhance a book’s appearance and marketability. Our photo researchers assist authors in finding the perfect image to accompany content, enhancing readability, and visual appeal while remaining within budget. In addition, PPS obtains copyright permissions for any borrowed images. When a project requires a unique look or content, PPS sets up and conducts photo shoots to produce new, original photography. For line art and illustrations, PPS establishes creation styles and distributes them to all artists and quality-control staff.