Manuscript Development Case Study

Manuscript Development Case Study

The owner of an independent business that offers exam preparation for physical therapy students wants to supplement his class with a study guide. The customer has had three colleagues write the manuscript, and knows that he wants a fresh, easy-to-read design, with error-free content that will ensure his students grasp the concepts needed to pass their boards.

After researching many full-service publishing companies, the customer shares his vision for the book with PPS’s director. Within a day he receives a workflow, budget, and his own project manager to get his study guide ready for his classes—which start in six months. A few weeks after sending the 20-chapter manuscript piece-by-piece to his PPS project manager, the customer receives one, clean manuscript, copyedited and reviewed by an experienced editor.

The manuscript has some style queries which the customer is unsure of how to handle, but after a conference with his production manager, who offered guidance based on over 25 years of working in the typesetting industry, the issues are resolved and the customer knows (or is confident that) he has the cleanest, most accurate manuscript he could offer his students.

A few weeks after that, while viewing page proofs, the customer finishes choosing design options which best provide a seamless layout. Before he knows it, the customer is holding a copy of his study guide. It is exactly as he had envisioned it, thanks to the professional editorial and typesetting services of PPS.

The cost came in on budget, and the books arrived in time for the exam preparation classes. PPS has helped this customer through three editions of this study guide, and two editions of a study guide for a second class.