Outsourced Publishing Solutions

What is the ultimate goal for your publishing process? One word: Success. Your publication must succeed in numerous ways: it must be on budget; it must boost company sales; and it must help your business stand out as an industry leader. Most importantly, it is about success for the readers, students, or instructors, who rely on each errorless, straightforward page for their success.

As a publishing outsourcing company, PPS has helped many clients, from large publishing companies to nonprofit organizations to financial institutions, take rough or outdated ideas and—with professional editorial, typesetting, and design services—turn them into successful products that exceed industry standards.

We provide our services because you know what you want the end product to be and we know how to get you there. Our services begin at the start of your project—whether it is in original manuscript or content picked up from a previous edition. We work closely with authors and publishers at all stages to streamline production and ensure the project goal is reached.

After completing professional, full-service publishing for your main publication, PPS can take you a step further by producing ancillaries (i.e., supplements) that will complement your product, make it more useful for your customers, and more profitable for you. PPS has produced thousands of study guides, workbooks, assessment exams, instructor resource materials, and PowerPoint tools, which accompany the main publication and make your product a bigger success.