Content Production

As a content production company, PPS combines publishing service experience and technologically-driven solutions to provide clients with quality projects in every aspect.

Our staff of specialists coordinates closely with clients to ensure world-class quality content for print and multi channeled products. We specialize in the production of content for a wide range of disciplines that include but are not limited to: business, chemistry, physics, calculus, math, engineering, psychology, sociology, nursing, medical, reference, pharmaceutical, reading comprehension, history, language arts, and foreign languages.

To aid in developing and creating your visual or written asset, PPS provides the right book production company staff to meet your specific project needs. In addition to a production manager, certain projects may require one or more of the following:

  • Test question writers who meet state standards and various difficulty levels if your project requires test questions as an ancillary to your textbook. We also have writers who create instructor’s manuals and case studies that aid teachers in implementing your book in the classroom.
  • A design team who will help you focus on the project’s overall appearance and guide you in making that dream come to life. Our staff is capable of supporting art rendering or image modification and document layout using Quark, InDesign, or your preferred layout application.
  • Experienced XML staff who can help prepare your content for a full XML workflow, giving you the optimal file for output media products.

In addition to content creation, we are a great resource for further developing your project. For example:

  • We can provide similar projects as inspiration for your own project. This may serve to help lay out a schedule for the project completion or aid in choosing a design for your book.
  • If your project is a persuasive piece, we can provide supporting evidence as well as counter arguments to be included in your project.
  • We can help select, create, and modify art for your project. This includes photographs, line drawings, graphs, and videos.

Our quality assurance staff will provide the level of standard required. We have several checklists for ensuring the quality of the final project for various types of products. We are also capable of implementing any checklists our clients have created to ensure a quality product is released.

We value our relationships with publishers, organizations, associations, and businesses. Our goal is finding new opportunities where we can support you by delivering a quality product.