Digital Media

Digital media is rapidly transitioning to include or, at times, replace print. PPS has diversified its services to provide various forms of content delivery. In addition to traditional printer files, our experienced E publishing company staff can convert your content to digital files for CD, DVD, Web and mobile platforms, and eReader formats (EPUB or KF8).

Student and instructor resources can be developed to support online or DVD-based test preparation and instruction curriculum. PPS can provide complete content development coverage, including:

  • Test writing and editing by teams of experts in a variety of fields
  • Incorporating overall project design into the online/DVD environment
  • Editorial development
  • Content management
  • Quality assurance through all stages of development

Audio is an integral part of the media experience. We can write scripts for voiceover narration and record the final voiceover to complement coursework or use in promotional material.

Mobility of content is an expanding necessity, and with standards like EPUB, the portability of your content for the various ebook readers, tablets, and smartphones is readily attainable.

Additionally, all content can be coded to Section 508 Accessibility standards and reading order. This allows a seamless export to voice readers and Braille coders.

Digital media and printed publications can be used together to help publishers with their marketing and sales efforts. Using Quick Response (QR) codes, readers can be directed to a variety of information provided by the publisher. QR codes can be inserted into any kind of publication—from printed materials to ebooks. Readers can scan these QR codes with their Android or iOS apps to get more information, such as:

  • A list of complementary products or services offered by the publisher or author
  • Coupons and special offers from the publisher
  • A list of book stores and websites where the publisher’s products can be purchased

Readers can also interact with the publisher by scanning QR codes to get to:

  • A mailing list sign-up form
  • A form to submit a review of the publication
  • A form to provide feedback to the publisher
  • Contact information, including directions, email, and phone numbers

Combining traditional publishing with newer, digital technologies gets more information to your customer in less time, while staying within your budget.

PPS Digital Media

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