Production Services

PPS’s vast experience in offering publishing production services ensures that your projects are produced on time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality possible. Our production services include design, editorial, prepress, and project management. PPS can manage and carry out any task that is required to complete your publication.

We exceed publishers’ expectations in all aspects of production services. This includes coordination with your in-house publishing staff, creating interior and cover design, editorial and project management services, hiring printers, the organization of photo shoots, and so much more.

Design Services

PPS’s graphic designers provide design concepts and art programs that integrate these marketing strategies into best-selling publications. PPS creates attractive interior text designs, while remaining within the production budget. PPS develops designs that range from one-color to four-color and from simple to complex in content and structure. Once finished, clients receive design layouts and specifications ready for production.

Professional Editorial Services

The editorial professionals at PPS provide the critical eye needed to improve the editorial integrity of content ready to be published. We offer editorial proofreading services, copyediting services, and other professional editing needs to our clients. High standards and attention to detail are the keys to success for the PPS editorial staff. The following list briefly describes our comprehensive editorial services:

Service Description
Copyediting A thorough editorial review of written text, including making the content conform to the editing standards requested by the client; verifying and correcting the grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and cross- references; and preparing text and graphics for composition. When books are written by a team of contributing authors, our editorial team maintains consistency and continuity throughout the manuscript. Our copyediting services are essential in ensuring a final product that is organized, complete, and 100% correct.
Editorial Proofreading and Quality Control Quality control at every step of the production process is critical. PPS's editorial proofreaders ensure that page proofs accurately reflect how the customer wants the final product to appear by checking the pages against the design specifications and author-approved manuscript. For authors who need assistance in marking their proofs, PPS provides a list of editing and proofreading marks with examples. PPS also provides guidance to authors about electronic editing and proofing, and how to upload and download from ftp sites. Our professional editorial services ensure the best-possible final product.
Editorial Services for Web Sites and Electronic Products PPS edits and proofreads electronic projects, correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Quality control steps include checking and verifying links, multimedia clips, and navigation for CDs and Web sites to ensure each link opens correctly.
Accuracy Checking Scientific and technical content should be checked for accuracy to ensure that facts, math, and scientific calculations are correct. The PPS professionals are experts in a variety of fields, ensuring that a project's content receives a thorough and informed fact checking. Accuracy checker expertise includes mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biology, business, medical, economics, accounting, law, engineering, history, and social sciences.
Problem Solving, Answer Verification, and Creating Solutions Manuals PPS checks and verifies solutions to problems in such fields as mathematics, statistics, probability, and engineering and can also verify the answer key solutions at the same time. We can create solutions manuals showing the step-by-step work required to arrive at the correct answer for each problem.
Indexing PPS provides complete, reliable indexes to the contents of published products. Depending on the subject matter and the client's requirements, indexes range from simple to very detailed, comprehensive directories of a product. Multiple indexes can also be prepared, including but not limited to subject, author, and company indexes, creating roadmaps to the product's content.