Recommended Editorial Resources

Our company is happy to share a list of other editorial resources that we find to be valuable, and we think you will too.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

This site offers access to the latest editions of the Chicago Manual of Style, with a searching feature and bookmarking sections.

APA Style

Helpful tutorials and information on the latest edition are provided on this site.


Check out the mobile option too!

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

For all those grammar and style conundrums, start here.

Microsoft Office Word “Track Changes” Tips

Learn how to use the “Track Changes” feature in MSWord to electronically mark your corrections to content. Search for the version of MSWord you use, and then search for the information on the “Track Changes” feature.

Adobe Acrobat Commenting and Markup Tools Overview

Here’s another tool that you can use to markup content in PDFs. Get an overview of Acrobat’s Commenting and Markup Tools.


If you are a publisher you may find our professional editorial services page more useful.