Tips for Electronic Editing

Before You Start

  • Set your properties to reflect your name as the Author/Editor so that any markup you apply will be coded with your name and color, to clearly differentiate them from other users’ edits.
  • Lock the document so it tracks all changes made to the document. This will restrict the editing so that changes cannot inadvertently be made without showing markup.
  • Turn on Track Changes or Markings and Comments tools.
  • Save the file to your system or server and add your initials to the file name. If necessary, save the original file to your system as well.

While Editing

    • Use spell check to double-check your grammar and spelling. However, make sure you still proofread your content, as spell check doesn’t catch everything (e.g., real words used in the wrong context).
    • Save your work.
    • Keep the markup as simple as possible. If you mark a change and then add more changes to the same content, consolidate the markup to one simple marking.
    • Save your work.
    • If your corrections are not precise, or if you cannot “draw” your markings clearly with the electronic tools, use a comment to explain your intentions in words.
    • Save your work.
    • If your suggestion (rework or new insertion) is lengthy and complex, type it in a separate file and code it with a reference for placement.
    • Save your work.
    • Any time an edit affects text appearing elsewhere, make that change there too. If the change applies to another file or is a major global change, contact the project manager and let him/her inform all parties.
    • Save your work.
    • Answer all queries that have been addressed to you in the file.
    • Save your work.
    • When adding a query to the file, please make sure the query is addressed to someone. Add “AU,” “ED,” “COMP” or even a particular person’s name at the start of the query, so that person knows to answer it.
    • Save your work.

Upon Completion of Editing

  • Save your work. By now, you’ve read this many times. Save, save, and save again. Make a rule for saving; for example, save every 5 minutes, or at every logical break in the content. Don’t wait until you have edited an entire document and save only once. What if the power goes out, or your computer crashes when you are 99% finished? You don’t want to edit the same content more than once!
  • Do NOT accept, reject, or delete any changes. This is for the managing editorial staff to decide.