Book Publishing Services

Book Publishing Services

There are many faces in the publishing industry, and finding the company that perfectly suits your business’s book content development needs is a tall order. Getting everything just right according to your standards, timeline, and budget can lead to frustrating partnerships. Our publishing coordination services take all the loose ends out of our client’s hands, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

At PPS, we do everything, beginning with setting up a budget and publishing workflow that is right for your company’s needs. We thoughtfully comb through the manuscript, immediately taking up communication with the authors, handling queries with respect, and producing a clean, accurate manuscript. We hire and manage any necessary authors, editors, proofreaders, or indexers, making sure they are experts in your project’s subject matter.

While we evaluate the manuscript, the design is underway, with a focus on producing an attractive, fresh layout that is easy for the reader to use. PPS’s experts make sure the book contains all the right elements to best support the subject matter. PPS can coordinate and create unique sections, such as appendices, references, or indexes that would be useful to your clients. We provide complete and comprehensive workflow coordination for publishers.

Up-to-date art is crucial to every project, especially educational materials. PPS makes sure every table, box, and figure is neat and accurate. For many clients, we take care of obtaining art permissions, allowing them peace of mind knowing there is no need to worry whether an image is authorized to be reprinted.

When design and manuscript are flawless, they are combined, again going through rounds of strict assessment. PPS’s editors have a sharp attention to detail, asking questions that ultimately lead to the best product possible.
If you are interested in our publishing coordination services or outsourcing your publishing workflow please contact us today.