Five Things to Know About Editorial Services

03 October 17

Five Things to Know About Editorial Services

Here are the five things you need to know about the editorial process if you want your project to be a success.

Your business needs to get noticed, and that means you need to publish content. It’s the best and possibly only way to ensure that the information about your business reaches your future and current client base. It’s how you advertise who you are; it’s how you tell the people who need your services about what you offer. It’s how you let those potential clients know that your company’s values match their own. In other words, publishing your content is crucial to your business’s ability to succeed.

While the amount of content you publish is important, so is the quality of that content. You aren’t going to convince your future clients that you pay attention to the fine details to provide accurate and thorough services, for instance, if you have a typo on page one. You don’t just need content development for your business; you also need editorial services to ensure your business’s success.

Here are five things you need to know about editorial servicing:

  • Copyediting

Copyediting is an important stage of the editorial process. It ensures the content you produce meets the expectations of your readership, both in terms of form and grammatical clarity. A copy editor will check for correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. A copy editor can also prepare text and graphics for composition to ensure that the final product is organized, complete, correct, and formatted clearly.

  • Proofreading

You don’t just need to make sure your content is grammatically correct; you also need it to be high-quality content that will help to enhance your business’s image. If you are producing blog content to generate interest, you still need it to reflect back on your company’s principles, so it doesn’t contain anything that could damage your image. If you are producing onsite or print content, you need it to accurately and clearly portray your business or its services.

  • Quality Control

The words need to be right, and so does the design. Paired with proofreading, quality control ensures that the produce not only sounds good but looks good, too. Whether it is a new creation or a carryover from a previous edition or design, this stage in editorial servicing is all about accuracy and aesthetic.

  • Accuracy Checking

You also need to ensure that any references are accurate. Inaccurate information can quickly damage the integrity of your business’s image, it reflects poorly on your attention to detail. Quality control checks are essential for successful content development. Fact-checking is also important to ensuring that the image your business conveys through its content development matches and enhances your business’s integrity. Editorial services can check that scientific and technical content is accurate, and that facts, math, and any scientific calculations are correct.

  • Professional Success

Working with our editorial service professionals at PPS can ensure you develop strong, publishable content that meets the integrity of your business. Don’t let the accuracy of your content get overlooked. It could end up damaging your business image, and those damages are a lot more complicated to fix than a typo or misplaced comma that your editorial proofreaders will catch. Contact us to get started today.