The Growth and Importance of E-Publishing 

08 November 17

The Growth and Importance of E-Publishing 

Have you ever wondered how the growth of e-publishing could affect your business?

Do you have a Kindle? What about the Amazon Kindle app? As of 2017, statistics showed that close to 27 percent of Americans own E-readers, and 81 percent of Americans own cell phones, many which are now compatible with E-reader apps like the Amazon Kindle app. E-book sales have been dominating the market, and that has big implications for your business. Those implications don’t just impact the entertainment sector. Any business that depends on content development—whether that is the development of textbooks, manuals, or even brochures—is affected by the growth and prominence of e-publishing.

Why? There are significant cost benefits involved in making the switch from print to e-media.

Companies can develop more content—from brochures to manuals to test papers to videos—without the additional costs of physical development (paper, ink, DVDs, etc.). E-publishing, in addition to lowering investment and production costs, also lowers inventory storage costs, and increases accessibility, thereby contributing to the development of a stronger global customer base. E-published content can be accessed by more platforms (digital e-readers, tablets, computers, smartphones, etc.), making it more accessible to more people, even when those people are on the other side of the world. That’s good for business, in terms of increasing the client base as well as increasing the possibility of quick content sharing for international businesses.

Of course, businesses aren’t the only ones who are benefiting. Consumers are benefiting as well.

E-publishing makes attaining the same content more convenient, portable, and cost-effective—and that is more than welcome in an economy that shows increasing costs for the majority of even the most basic necessities. Want a clear example of why e-publishing is so important? Imagine the benefits of increased accessibility over more platforms for less cost for consumers like students, who need to purchase and carry multiple textbooks (and always the latest edition of those textbooks) for classes.

It is no mystery why e-publishing is growing in importance.

E-publishing offers clear benefits, and taking advantage of those benefits will help you keep your company on the leading edge of your industry, no matter what type of content you are used to developing.

How can this impact your business?

Instead of producing print media (or other physical copies like DVDs), your company can develop or convert its content into digital files for CD, DVD, web and mobile platforms, and for e-reader formats (EPUB or KF8).DVD or web-based test preparation and instruction curriculums can be developed, and that content can more easily be coded to Section 508 Accessibility standards and reading order to produce, for instance, voice readers and Braille coders. Further, the growth of e-publishing can improve marketing and sales efforts by enabling Quick Response codes to gather a variety of information from any kind of publication—from printed materials to e-books.

If you are looking to take advantage of the latest technological developments to improve the success and efficiency of your company, regardless of the content your company needs to develop, e-publishing is the innovation for you. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in the most abstract technological developments out there; simply take a look at the trends you are already participating in, and contact a professional content development company like PPS to see if it’s a trend that could carry a positive potential for your company.